Poetry and Tea Roses I will always disappoint you. My words are no where near roses, ink stained and caked with clay though I have scrubbed them bloody. My lines overflow with sudden downpours that inflate into a monsoon a swell you can not hold back with the tenderest of sighs. Still I beg […]

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One Million Heads: A Poem

Every curve, a
Every cross and dot the
Of an unspoken soul;
Laden with lead,
The genius of
One million heads has
Spilled for eternity to
Waft in and reflect, to
Ripple in the world and
Revel in the sight of
Nonbelievers and
They will remember.
They will feel.
They will be
Imprisoned in
Prisons of empathy…
And maybe, just maybe
They won’t fight to leave….

To The Slug: A Poem

Your world….
Was mine as well,
Though I move fast,
But you were a snail:
I didn’t see you,
Though I would’ve
If you’d worn a shell…
I didn’t see you due to the
Due to the
of my
The unwavering pain
Of my sprinting shins…
What can I say?
You were
In the way,
But I will say my heart’s not a
Lifeless Rug…
Rest in Peace, to the
Lifeless Slug.


28mm portrait of a smiling lady from Trivandrum — Joshi Daniel Photography: AMAZING!

Pictured here is Baby. She walked with her weak leg *until* we found a place with *some* nice light. While I was taking her photograph, she was hesitant to smile, but after some time, I managed to make her relax. This image was one moment from the different stages of her smile. Click here to […]

via 28mm portrait of a smiling lady from Trivandrum — Joshi Daniel Photography