So much

You’ve been gone for so much.

Likely because you’ve been gone,

It’s been so much…


What Meant Something

What made me laugh meant something to me; what I cried about meant something to me;what made me depressed meant something to me; what felt peaceful meant something to me; what I did for the first time meant something to me; what I conquered meant something to me; what I did for the last time meant something to me;thinking of possibility means something to me; finding love and success and family too; not much else matters, and not much else do I remember.

Creatures of the Cold

The creatures of the cold

Peck at my fingertips—

The leaves once raked

Have become unraked

By the gusts,

And the sun stares,

But is futile.

For an hour, though,

I’ve been stolid as a


Yet pacing back and forth

With a mission to nowhere,

Hands in and out of

Both sweater pockets,

Yet patting the back of my

Crying soul.

It’ll be ok,

I tell it again today,

Wondering when someone will love me

For me…

Still, my gloves lay

Atop the dumbbells,

Where I put them

Two hours ago.

Learn Not To Kill

There’s no place to grow

That beats good ol’


In fact, the lucky ones know

Success and motivation will arise from

Those wise old parental quotes,

And gray hairs there

On you are unimpaired,

And happy weight may find its


How responsible we become in learning

Not to kill:

My Dad’s a man I love,

And would love to kill


But see for yourself——many virtues in life,

Will be yours through the joy

Of growth at home.

The Sun’s Vacation

I was told this day

The Sun would take a


I told myself I would too,

And maybe I’d even visit the


If they had lights

That could shine through the

Darkest night…

I only hope the doors are opened.

Still, there’s so much I could

Do, as I lay, thinking…

The ceiling is now see-through,

Though the sky is dark without a

Star—the Sun so rudely

Did not inform us of the

Length of

its Hiatus…

When it’d be back,

We’d have to wait and see that,

But when it comes back,

Oh, I’ll find the best beach with sand!

Dick Clark

Does the ball drop or does it


I’m surprised I don’t remember the

Moments Dick Clark

Serenaded us as a

Wondrous nation,

Awaiting the midnight that would

Be our sunrise,

A new beginning…

I did not watch TV this Eve,

And neither did anyone I know,

Or anyone I spoke to.

I spoke to no one.

No one called,

No one danced,

I did not watch social media,

Which is much like

Running from reality…

No, this Eve, no tv

Hypnotized me—-you could have

Found me in


Working, not wondering.