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Some days, The anger seeps through Every pore in my body, Tears, Sweat, Snot, Lessening with each drop shed. Some days, It builds up Inside of me Fuelled by every thought, Breath, Heart beat, Increasing in intensity. Somedays, I over come it, Somedays, it overwhelms me; Everyday- I survive it

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Details, Details: A Writing Exercise 

Average time I wake up: 6:30 AM 

Average amount of times I talk to my brother and sister every week: 0

Average number of time I’ll look at pictures of the college I graduated from months ago on google every day: 50 

Average number of times a day I tell myself don’t be a coward: 100 

Average number of times a day I tell my dad “don’t worry, it’ll happen one day”: 200

Average number of hours my moms at work: 24 

Number of hours I think about things I shouldn’t think about: 17 (I sleep 7 hours a day)

Days a week I wish I owned a guitar: 7

Days a week I wish I lived on my own: 7

Days a week I open the door for my autistic brother to go to school because my dad doesn’t like talking to people: 5 

Days I will wonder the purpose of life: all the days I “think”